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Houston Highlights 12-18

Dear Sam Houston Families,

What an Amazing first semester! We have all been faced with a variety of challenges and we continue to see great things from our students, parents and especially our staff! We have heard so many stories of individuals rising above adversity and persevering to reach a goal. We all have had to deal with masks, social distancing, hand sanitizing, and a variety of ways to learn. It has been eventful but I am very proud of how our Sam Houston Team has responded and how our families have engaged and supported our school community. We all can be proud of all the accomplishments that we have made over the first 5 months of school.

As we look back over the Fall semester, COVID-19 has been very limited at Sam Houston. The cases we have seen have been primarily from outside activities or encounters. The systems we have in place are keeping our students and staff safe. We are all doing a great job and it is appreciated.

Academically, we have seen our students and staff adjust to new ways of learning and different formats. We have seen growth in so many areas but have so much more to accomplish. We have seen a large number of students come back to school for In Person learning. We are seeing growth academically and will continue to find ways to enhance the learning experience so all of our students are prepared for the next level.

We are excited about what the future brings. We hope that all of our Sam Houston Families enjoy every moment of this holiday season. On behalf of the Sam Houston Staff, we hope that you enjoy your time with family and friends. Please remember to take the precautions necessary to be safe and healthy.

We wish you a Happy Holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Sam Houston Elementary School Staff